One climber's journey to be the first Black Woman in Texas to bolt and climb a First Ascent.


J.E.D.I. (justice, equality, diversity, inclusion) is a new buzz word amongst climbing communities. I've been invited to no fewer than a dozen conversations, zoom calls, and events focused on the topic. As a storyteller, I long for living examples and real people who show us a way forward. This film is that story.


In Texas, public climbing areas are limited, and the majority of climbs have been developed by white men. Thanks to the work of the Access Fund, new areas are being opened for development. The question is, who will set these new routes? Who will mentor these new developers? What will be passed on or left behind?


This film tries to to answer these questions. Thanks to so many individuals and organizations that have donated to this project, we have completed production, and are now deep into editing this film. We have discovered so much in the process of filming this story and we excited to take on challenge of editing dozens of hours of footage into one powerful story.


We've raised $35,000 so far thanks to many individuals and a few corporate sponsors.  If you want updates on the films progress please sign up for our newsletter here or follow us on Instagram or Facebook. We will be announcing showings and other ways for you to experience this powerful and historic film soon.

     -  Drew Hayes / Director



People like you have helped us raise $35,000!
This money will be used to pay crew, rent gear, hire editors, and distribute the film. 

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Now we need to finish editing the film!

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