People like you have helped us raise $15,000 for this project, but now we need to raise the final $10,000.

This money will be used to pay crew, rent gear, hire editors, and distribute the film. If we can raise more, we'll use the funds to make the film even better and reach even more people. 

( A full break down of projected costs is available here ) 

Please donate now to help finish this inspiring story.


(how we'll use the money)

* We have raised $15000 and been able to complete the planning and the first round of filming.

We need to raise the remaining $10,000 to finish filming, editing, and sharing this story. If we raise more thank this minimum budget, we will use the funds to up the films final production.


Initial story discovery, character pre-interviews,

scheduling, contracts, permissions, 
and licenses.




(ROUND 1)*

Initial filming, follow character, initial interview, capture important moments, and edit teaser.




Finish filming, capture essential scenes, final interviews, pick up missing pieces, and extra scenery.



Editing studio rental, editing of scenes, original music composition, color correction, preparation and export for sharing.



Film Festival entrance fees, Austin, TX community screening, online viewing