The popularity of rock climbing is continues to grow. New climbing areas and routes are much needed in order to make way for the ever increasing number of climbers. But in Texas options for development are few and those who have developed in the past only represent a small number of thsoBut who will be developing these new climbing utopias?


In Texas, the answer has traditionally been Caucasian men. They have always been the ones to bolt and establish new climbs in the region. Now, with help of the Access Fund, a new generation of route developers is coming on to the scene. They are going to shift the course of route development in Texas by making it more  

Just, Equitable, Diverse, and Inclusive (J.E.D.I.). 


“No where else in the nation is this happening.     

   It’s historic.”

  • Brian Tickle, Texas Regional Director Access Fund


This film will follow one particular rock climber as she works to become the first Black woman to bolt a new route in Texas.